Monday, May 07, 2007

metro monday: i wear my sunglasses at night

monday feels good for the first time in a while, my friends. i'm done with exams, my parents just left after a long-overdue visit, one filled with only a minimum amount of irritation. (it's a little like background radiation with me and my dad - i'll always have to deal with some small amount of annoyance.)

but not everyone was feeling so great this morning. dude sitting next to the window was being all corey hart, wearing his sunglasses ... well, not at night, but in the dark. and at first it was just funny. i thought he was trying to be slick at 8:40 on a monday morning. and he was just a standard dc Suit - it's not like he was wearing a leather motorcycle jacket or torn levis.

turns out it wasn't about looking slick, because just before i exited, as the train pulled into foggy bottom, i glanced over at him again and saw him keeled over, head between his knees, slighly groaning. i whispered to b as i slid past him, you might want to move to another part of the train. i think that guy's gonna blow.

i love it when i can leave b laughing in the morning.

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