Sunday, May 13, 2007

i am a watermelon.

a few weekends ago, when b was in detroit and i was here studying for exams (was that really only a few weeks ago?), b called as i was sitting down for a little dinner.

above all the laughter in the background he said, if i was a fruit or a vegetable, what would i be? my grandma thinks you're an artichoke. as it turns out, our brother-in-law has revealed he likes to think of us as fruits or vegetables. that's weird, right?

i am a watermelon.
a watermelon has stripes, and i love stripes.
a watermelon is sweet, as am i ...
but a watermelon is also sometimes hard to enjoy, with those seeds.
also, have you ever tried traveling with a watermelon? it's miserable. traveling with me is also generally miserable.
finally, a watermelon is a lot fun when you make a hole in top of it and fill it with vodka. (that one was my dad, which i find slightly disturbing. i mean, it's true, but he's never seen that side of me. do i come across as someone who's just way more fun when they're liquored up? wait, is that a bad thing? now i'm confused.)

my mom is a strawberry.
i have never met anyone that didn't love strawberries.

b is an onion.
everything good has onions.
i don't know what i'd do without onions.
onions work well in any situation.
they are versitile and i love them.
but occassionally make you cry for no reason. (damn you, elizabeth from arlington!)

lukitza's mom is garlic.
when garlic is in something, you always know.
and i love garlic, but raw it can be a bit overpowering. (which i sometimes really enjoy.)
but once the garlic warms up, it mellows out. and then it's lovely.

rk is a pineapple.
pineapples are somewhat exotic.
they're also delicious once you get past the somewhat intimidating shell.
with all those leaves on top, they're a little flashy.
they're great in tropical drinks.
and they thrive in tropical climates.

dag is a bunch of grapes.
sometimes grapes are, on rare occasion, unexpectedly sour - but usually just delightful.
grapes come in different colors, much like her hair.
grapes can be friends with lots of different fruits.
also, grapes were cool in the 80s.

1 comment:

DAG said...

I'm sour??
I prefer to think of it as tart.
I WAS cool in the 80s, but I keep getting cooler just like wine.
Generally, I'm happy to be a grape.
Thank you.