Monday, May 21, 2007

metro monday: better late than never OR fake lawyer and ventriloquism

did i even ride the train this morning? is it still monday? i have this vague recollection of being in the shower contemplating the fucked up dreams i had last night (including one where i was clinging to a giant stone column in the middle of the ocean, huge waves crashing on me but somehow still hanging on, for example. also my dad was there talking to me. i think he was in a raft. and i think he may have thought i was my nephew. wtf?), freaking out over my collar not lying quite right under my suit, then i was sitting in the park across from my (gulp) office waiting to go in so i wouldn't be too early, and then i was on my 4th cup of coffee, talking about cabbies in dc v. ny and the importance of not putting off your billing.

and then i sat in my office staring at my desk for 20 minutes. i really wanted to stare out the window ... my window ... but that just would have been weird.

but b, he had a perfect metro monday ... one way more interesting than reading my scattered reminiscing about the weirdness of my first day as a fake lawyer. but as i'm a bit exhausted and b isn't much into the blogging, i'll just relay his telling of it.

b: so i got on the train this morning, and there was this woman just standing in the doorway with a wheelchair.
s: you mean, sitting in a wheel chair.

b: no. standing.

s: was there anyone
in the chair?
b: no.

s: so she's?

b: standing behind an empty wheelchair.
s: ah.

b: right, so first of all, if i had an empty wheelchair on the metro during rush hour, i'd at least take a seat.

s: you mean, move it out of the way or ..

b: no, i mean in the wheelchair. i mean, jesus, it's an empty seat, right?

s: [smiling as i picture b, suitclad, sitting in an empty wheelchair, legs casually crossed, reading the metro express, in a crammed rush hour train.]
b: i almost asked her, is anyone sitting there? i mean, we were crammed in there like sardines. i could've used the seat.

s: that would have been something, dude. seriously.

b: but that's not the weird part. then she started doing ventriloquism.

s: ventriloquism? did she have a puppet?

b: no.

s: oh.

b: it was fucked up. she was definitely crazy, and i felt kinda sorry for her. but it was hilarious.

s: ventriloquism?

b: yeah. all i could think was, dude i wish s were here.

s: and that you wanted to sit in the wheelchair.
b: and that.

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Parm & Kate said...

I hope the internship is going good, please keep us updated s!

Yes, Richard Florida's book is quite popular in Gainesville, since we are also one of the cities he listed, and I think what he advocates makes a lot of sense.