Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hello, stranger.

i doubt i exist on anyone's bookmark list any longer, but here we are. sorry about that. i think i was concerned that my semi-anonymous blogging would somehow get found out by my law firm, and that it would somehow get me fired. but then it turns out i was probably was just being paranoid, and also it turns out i'm not all that concerned about it. but i should probably try to keep my big mouth shut about work stuff. note to self.

so anyway, i'm in the ladies room today at work. another woman walks in, walks past my stall, goes into another and then says, s? mmm. yes? i thought it was you, she said. i saw cute shoes. let me just say right now how much i LIKE that people see cute shoes in the ladies room and think it's me. a lot. that's how much. there are a whole slew of women that work on my floor, well-put-together, well-compensated women. but the assumption was those cute shoes were mine, and so strong was the assumption that this girl risked it being a peeing partner instead of me. that is a good day. also the tigers up 7-1 in the 4th is also a good day.

well, it looks like i'm back. i have to keep myself busy somehow now that b lives in a different city. and i'm reading julie and julia (finally! god. rk gave me that book like a year ago) and i was inspired.


Beck said...

Good to have you back. :)

LK said...

So glad you're back, and by the were still on my favorites!

Also, LOVED Julie and Julia totally connected with it!