Monday, September 17, 2007

metro monday: the It's September For God's Sake edition

i'm not going to lie. though i giggled a little when the woman got on the train this morning with the winter coat, i was not surprised. i've been here through enough falls to know that people overreact. only one winter coat on the first really-feels-like-fall morning is expected. overall, my fellow commuters, you were dressed very appropriately. it seems i'm not the only one who has been jonesing to pull cute blazers out from the back of my closet. i saw no fewer than 6 blazers that i nearly broke the commuter code of silence for, to inquire as to their stores of origin.

but my friends, what the hell is it with the white purses. still? really?! please stop.

the past two weeks, i have seen many of you wandering around with your white pants and white sandals (which, frankly, i don't think is really ever a good idea) and linen and white purses ... but it's been hot. so maybe, i kept thinking as i bit my tongue and refrained from glaring, you've all just forgotten that labor day has passed. maybe the heat got to your brains or something. but today, the grace period ends. today is a crisp fall day. you are wearing blazers and closed toe heels. i saw velvet and i saw corduroy.

and i saw them mixed with white purses.

this is not ok.

i implore of you, good citizens, to obey this - the simplest of all fashion rules. Do Not Wear White After Labor Day. and purses count.


Anonymous said...

I wore white pants AFTER Labor Day, just to amuse you S so you'd have something to write about. ^^ I knew you would blog about this.

Just kidding...

But seriously, who cares about the no-white-after-Labor-Day "rule"? Even Stacy London (TLC's What's Not to Wear) agrees with me on that.

S said...

i appreciate that i'm predictable. i am also glad that stacy london doesn't read my blog.

this is the law student coming out in me i suppose. a rule is a rule, damn it. and if we don't set it at labor day, then when is the cut off? it's a slippery slope, my friend. we risk allowing linen in december. and that is just a risk i am unwilling to undertake.

even stacy london would probably agree with me that a fall velvet blazer does not work with a summer white purse.

Anonymous said...

I thought the simples of all fashion rules is that I'm not allowed to wear jean shorts.