Friday, July 28, 2006

a moment to reflect on being a 1L

i can officially introduce myself as a 2L. i feel like i've joined some sort of club, gone through some sick hazing.

there's something curious about the effect law school has on a person. i mean, i'm not a standard law student. i'm not 22, fresh out of a 4 year bachelor's degree. i've been in college twice as long. i'm not obsessed with law school. i'm not single, my whole social environment doesn't revolve around law school. but at the same time ... last night as i was taking my exam, with my piles of flagged and highlighted notes (w/ the obligatory coffee stains), the diet cokes, the red bull, the chocolate bar and saltines, the messed up hair and lack of makeup (not to mention the requisite freak-out 40 minutes before the exam) - it occurred to me that when it comes down to it, LS beats us all down in the same way. obsessed with it or not, we're all wrecks when it matters. it's some sort of strange equalizer.

taking this summer course seemed like a great idea six months ago, and now that it's done, i'm thrilled it's over with. i just hope i can really recuperate in the few measly weeks before the next semester begins.

so having said that, the recuperation has begun, and will really kick in once we leave for vacation in the morning. so i'll sign off for a while, but promise pics of the trip.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

s is for sporadic

this is what happens when you start a blog a week before a law school exam ... and a week and a day before vacation. inconsistent blogging.

now, i really could give a monkey's ass about the tour de france, really - largely because someone i despise loves it. it's stupid by proxy. that's why i find this little article slightly gratifying. as if the rest of the world could love americans less ...

Monday, July 24, 2006

if you ever see me doing this ...

i saw a guy walking down h street today who appeared to be singing along to his ipod at, literally, the top of his lungs. he really looked like he was belting it out for an audience of a few hundred. because i also had my ipod on, i can only assume that he was only lip-syncing.

if you ever see me doing this, you have permission to not be my friend anymore.

vacation countdown has begun

now that the weekend is regrettably over, i can begin telling people that i'm going on vacation this week. semantics? sure. but it's the little things, no?

5 days. 120 hours until i get on the plane. the only problem i can forsee with the vacation is that we're flying first thing saturday morning, which means it's just a little too early to start drinking. not that i'm afraid of flying, and have to be toasted. as some of you may know, i spent some time in a way-too-small cessna whilst in a previous relationship, and after thinking half a dozen times your boyfriend (who's a great pilot, don't get me wrong) was going to kill you .... hopping on northwest is a fricking dream. anyway. sorry. the point was that i don't need to be toasted to fly, i just happen to prefer it. maybe i'll pop some bailey's in the coffee. it is vacation, after all.


there is a bastard pigeon eating my dill. asshole. i think today might be like a bad dream - stuck in my apartment studying property (aka the most boringest topic of law known to man), getting papercuts from my hundreds of pages of notes, strung out on red bull and saltines, having to run to the balcony every ten seconds to scare of the pigeons. it's gonna be a gooooooood day.

Friday, July 21, 2006

popped collars

this is a total ripoff from another blog i read, but godDAMN. this is an important issue in dc, one that mayor williams definitely should make some kind of declaration about. seriously.

why. why with the popped collars. this is dc, not fricking martha's vineyard. if you didn't just step off a 50 foot sailboat, too busy with your cigarette in one hand and your gin & tonic in the other to worry about fixing your collar, your collar should NOT be up. seriously.

this flowchart should be photocopied and passed out in georgetown. maybe i can get those weird singing libertarians at the foggy bottom station to hand this out as a public service instead of those pamphlets about how evil dick cheney is. i mean, that's a given AND we can't very well do anything about it, now can we? but the collars? that's a solvable public emergency.

a LS pal sent me this link. i don't know what the hell it is. it's pretty funny though - in that, "i don't know what the hell is going on" sort of way.

i would love to know if anyone has any theories about it.

what i'm supposed to be doing... studying. but i'm so easily distracted! my best friend from college, let's call her august, is contemplating a move to dc with her husband and tadpole (an homage to a favorite blog) ... and i've been busy "informing." or enabling. or pressuring. whatever. i miss her, and i'm self-serving. what can i say? at least i'm honest.

le début

i've decided to move from my very public, "this is my name, and here's what i look like" blog to something anonymous. mainly this is because everyone and their mother (and my mother!) knows about the other blog, and uses it to keep up on me and my husband. well, and there's the job search i'm initiating - i don't want some uptight hiring attorney to get his panties in a bunch over my blog.

so that's that. to the land of anonymity.