Friday, July 21, 2006

popped collars

this is a total ripoff from another blog i read, but godDAMN. this is an important issue in dc, one that mayor williams definitely should make some kind of declaration about. seriously.

why. why with the popped collars. this is dc, not fricking martha's vineyard. if you didn't just step off a 50 foot sailboat, too busy with your cigarette in one hand and your gin & tonic in the other to worry about fixing your collar, your collar should NOT be up. seriously.

this flowchart should be photocopied and passed out in georgetown. maybe i can get those weird singing libertarians at the foggy bottom station to hand this out as a public service instead of those pamphlets about how evil dick cheney is. i mean, that's a given AND we can't very well do anything about it, now can we? but the collars? that's a solvable public emergency.

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